Est. 2017

In 2017, right after a terribly stressful job and right before burnout, I realized that over time, I had forgotten how to rest. When I understood that the first thing to change was my bedtime routine, I had to face a strange phenomenon: although my closet was stuffed with unused clothes, I had absolutely no comfy PJs. I didn’t even know where to buy one that would help me have a good night’s sleep. That’s when the idea of PIZSI started to form in me.


We design every piece to serve your rest and still make you feel that you’re wearing something special. Clean lines pairing with chic low-cuts are what make our sleepwear unique. Functionality comes first: our pieces have pockets, gathered elastic parts, and we always put the brand label where it won’t disturb you while sleeping.


From sourcing fabrics to shipping, we put great focus on sustainability all along the production process. We believe that fast fashion is in the past and quality brands at a reasonable price can help open people’s eyes. All the items that you can purchase in this shop, are made from organic, GOTS certified textiles, sourced from the EU. Every piece is made in Hungary and wrapped with our own hands using absolutely no plastic, only paper. We also believe that less is more and we follow the principles of slow fashion by maintaining a small stock.

Our mission

We know that as a woman, you have so many different things to do and so many different roles to play every day. We also know that taking a break is often at the very end of your to-do list. It’s hard to break a bad habit like this, but you deserve good rest. We’re here to support your relaxation with soothing, quality sleepwear, so you can get rid of that torn T-Shirt or uncomfortable PJs. We believe in comfy sleep - and you deserve it!